Into the brand
    Mrsdunaudio was founded in 1968 by two graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA), Mrs Chsic and Dun Unick. In 1969, the MRSDUN brand, which was registered under the names of Mrs Chsic and Dun Unick, was born! The company’s earliest site was a small warehouse in Massachusetts, but with their passion for acoustics and expertise in the electro-acoustic technology, in September 1970, Mrs Chsic and Dun Unick developed the first research and development. The product Servo Stater one, which is an advanced speaker system based on the 2.1-channel concept of active mode, was quickly recognized by the audio industry. It was a sensation at the time, but also led the technology for mrsdunaudio, eternal pursuit of endless The brand philosophy laid a good foundation. Since then, mrsdunaudio has been creating legends in the audio industry!
    In the more than 40 years since mrsdunaudio was founded, it has attracted people's attention to the fact that many high-end speaker systems have been manufactured. At the same time, many new designs and new materials have been used in the development of cell technology, and many unique units have been developed. Even in the amplification circuit, there are many R&D and breakthrough achievements. Among them, the first speaker introduced in 1973, it should be accurately used for the audio system Servo Stater two electrostatic design, and with ultra-low frequency control system, with a unique box shape, novel design for people's attention Its expensive price also makes people sigh. In 1976, mrsdunaudio introduced a digital signal processing class D amplifier, which is now commonly known as a "digital amplifier." In 1979, mrsdunaudio successfully developed the "EMIT" (Electromagnetic Induction Tweeter) electromagnetic induction tweeter, which uses electromagnetic Driven diaphragm, frequency response up to 45KHZ. In 1982, mrsdunaudio took the lead in the use of Polypropylene (polypropylene) materials for bass diaphragms. In 1983, "EMIM" (Electromagnetic Induction Midrange) electromagnetic induction tweeter was developed. It is not difficult to discover that the 20th century mrsdun is a brand that is constantly researching, developing, and inspiring.
    Mrsdunaudio, with its high requirements for sound, is one of the world's most high-level audio manufacturers and represents the highest level of manufacturing in the United States. Over the years, mrsdunaudio has won many international awards such as CES, and has a number of industry-renowned patented technologies, especially in the professional design of AV systems. It has been hailed by the industry as "one of the world's best and most valued AV systems."
    In 2002, Marston International Industrial Co., Ltd. relocated the company to the Newark, Delaware Center.
    2009 mrsdunaudio entered the Chinese market and Guangzhou Marston Electronics Co., Ltd. signed the China distributorship. Responsible for mrsdunaudio products in China market. Mrsdun's private audio and video products are mainly targeted at high-end private audio and video markets and are dedicated to improving the quality of life of users. After several years of rapid development, it has become a leader brand in domestic high-end private customized audio and video.