Around HC-5801

Specification: binary full frequency speakers, frequency and frequency response: 40 hz - 19 KHZ (plus or minus 3 db), unit: 1 by 8 inch low frequency unit, 1 x1. 35 "high-frequency unit; rated power: 180 w; rated impedance: 8 ohm; sensitivity: 95 db; maximum sound pressure level for a long time: 113 db; size: 266 mm (width) * 158 mm * 441 mm (deep) (high)

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8 "surround speakers, to modern movie film recording around the track dynamic and frequency response can be easily also sound replay, have real still sound effects. MRSDUN designers fully consider the actual needs of the private theater systems, and production standards is to make the speakers work in low power high sensitive state, so as to realize using the least amount of power amplifier to drive the surround speakers, fulfill the task of sound reproduction.

Lifelike reappearance cinema systems of the first human, have more touching telepresence. Combined with image, visual and auditory function at the same time, the telepresence is more vivid, more vivid, and therefore more appeal. Use original imported Italian unit, have the characteristics of large dynamic, low distortion, fully meet your cinema dynamic demand.